Our Name

To better know us, we thought you should know the origin of our name, “Pearlescent Dental Care”. For me, the name holds a sentimental meaning, as it will remind me over and over again why I am a dentist. Growing up, my mother would hold my hands and share how she felt someday great things would be done with them. She was a person of great faith and instructed me that whatever it is I do in life, to make sure it is done to glorify God and to serve others. From childhood, I didn’t know that I would someday be using my hands literally to do what she had hoped for. This was her sincere wish and she never failed to tell my sister and I, that all she wanted for her birthday, for Christmas, for Mother’s Day, was for us to do well in life by having a servant’s heart. In high school, being a little older and grasping more of my mother’s heart, I felt she deserved something nice and asked repeatedly what she wanted for her birthday. Her typical selfless answers weren’t enough for me and so my persistence paid off as she caved in and said that she always wanted a pearl necklace. When she revealed this, I knew right away how smart she really was. She knew at the time that I couldn’t afford it, so I made a promise to her that someday when I am working, I would get her a pearl necklace. She accepted this with a loving smile.

Not too long after that promise, my mother became ill and passed away when I was 17. I couldn’t adorn her with the necklace I had promised her, but today, I dedicate this office to her. It is my way of fulfilling that promise and more importantly, fulfilling her desire for me to always serve God and to serve others. Little did I know back then that I would be using my hands literally to do just that. After graduating dental school in 2006, my eyes were opened when opportunities came to serve abroad in countries where access to health care is difficult and limited. From a medical missions trip to Paraguay, serving the poorest country in South America to aiding in the relief efforts right after the Haiti earthquake of 2010, I could clearly see how I was being used as a dentist. Coming home, I had true meaning behind my career and I want to serve each of you with the same passion and care at “Pearlescent Dental”. Our hope is that as we get to know one another, that your experience with us is more than just another dental visit. We want to provide our utmost in service, reliability and care, for you to better your smile and to improve your health.

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